Welcome to the Official Website of Congressman Pidi Barzaga
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Believe.That is what we should do.Hope.That is what we need. Act.That should be our commitment.
Today we walk on a tightrope. We find ourselves beneath a gargantuan of issues and pressing economic needs. We feel on a tether with our present situation and we look at the future with dread. We feel immobilized, surrendered to our fate.But still, we have a choice.
Every page of this website is a testimony to what we can do to better this country. It is a manifestation of our people's belief in good governance and performance. It reverberates the hope and the passion our people have for change. It tells us what we can accomplish if we think of us as a nation.Each of us is a vital part. If we commit ourselves now and become agents of change then the future would be worth anticipating. Let us join every Filipino who works to make Philippines a better country. Let us put the power to craft the future into our own hands.
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